A new year, 2017 this time

I thought I might start this year of with a small yearly review as well as a quick look into the future. It is my hope that this will be a good way to start the year and provide me with a basic road map looking forward. This year will, like the last will be filled with major life changes and hopefully this high level plan will help steer me towards my goals.

Photography hosting

You might have noticed the extra link in the menu point towards photography. The link is pointing towards my newly created photography gallery which I have decided to host and create on SmugMug. I’ve been thorn between creating a generator to host the photographies directly on this site and using a service. But as I have decided I though it might be a good idea to go through some of the reasons for my choice.

   Photography, hosting

My quest for productivity

My struggle to implement a working productivity system is summarized by the following image. It shows my progress in David Allen’s “Getting things done” after several months. No matter how hard I try I have been unable to bring myself to any of the necessary habits. I believe that the system works. I have just been unable to motivate myself enough for the changes required. I believe that my failure to adhere to the “gospel” is caused by a lack of need.

   productivity, life

Adding a simple bookshelf to the page

After stumbling upon an interesting project to build a digital bookshelf using hugo I’ve decided to incorporate this to this page. The goal with this is to encourage me to both read and write more, I will therefore try to review the books I read during this year which hopefully will be a diverse collection of literature. I’ve kicked of the reading year with the great Gatsby. All the reviews will be written in the language of the book in question, however for non-english books I will include a short summary in english.

Tools for hugo

I currently try to write in two types of blogs, one (this) which mainly contains my thoughts on tech and what I do for work and one “personal” blog which mainly contains images. Both of these pages uses hugo and both of them requires some amount of extra tools and scripts to facilitate easy writing and publishing. This post will simply go through the workflow I use to create graphs and image galleries.

   Hugo, Script

New design (less js)

If you’ve passed through this site before you might notice that the page design have gone through a major redesign. Id like to take a minute to explain the reasoning behind this change, the main reasoning of course is the fact that I like to tinker with this page but apart from this there is a few technical reasons for the switch. Javascript This is the big issue for me, my previous theme hugo-uno is reasonably light on javascript dependencies, but the full blown version does still depend on jquery and most of the visuals depend on javascript to function optimally.

Moving from jekyll to Hugo

As you might have noticed this blog was previously generated using Jekyll but was migrated to hugo for performance reasons, for more about the performance differences read my previous post on the subject. Thankfully the migration process is rather straightforward, but I thought it might be a good idea to write a little about it. Since Hugo and jekyll both uses markdown the differences will be rather small but I will describe the process for both post as well as for the config files.

   Hugo, Jekyll, Site-generator

Hugo, another performance perspective

During an update to my previous post regarding performance in static site generators I discovered a major performance difference between Hugo v.0.11 and v.0.12 putting the latest Hugo version at the same build times as jekyll. This require further testing since one of the main reasons for me to use Hugo is build speed and since Hugo just released v.0.13 I decided it was a good time to do another performance test, this time HugoVHugoVHugo as odd as it sounds.

   Hugo, Performance

What you should be told on the first day of any CS course

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been told that for developers the tools don’t matter, just give us a prompt, a basic text editor and away we go. The idea that the tools you use is inconsequential is at least as I see it one of the worst misconceptions about development, especially since it’s spread by old developers and university teachers to fresh minds looking to write their first lines of code.

   Sublime, Text-editor, tools

Using and modifying modernCV

Since I like to keep my résumé up to date I have spent the last few days on updating both the format and the content of both the résumé and the template for a cover letter. This post will detail some of the changes I’ve made to the basics of the modernCV package Front matter Since I am maintaining documents in both Swedish and English I have decided on placing the front-matter and modernCV options in a separate file.

   ModernCv, Resume, CV, Latex, Personal Letter