Photography hosting

You might have noticed the extra link in the menu point towards photography. The link is pointing towards my newly created photography gallery which I have decided to host and create on SmugMug. I’ve been thorn between creating a generator to host the photographies directly on this site and using a service. But as I have decided I though it might be a good idea to go through some of the reasons for my choice.

The main reason is simplicity, I am at best a amateur photographer and even though I enjoy fiddling with websites I don’t really have the time to perfect a portfolio gallery for my hobby. So with a simple hosted solution I do get more time to actually take pictures instead of fine tuning javascript. Another reason is cost, hosting pictures requires bandwidth and storage space both of which could easily cause trouble for a hobby site. Finally using a fairly large provider like smugmug me to have a very simple work-flow. Now I can publish new images directly from my editor, instead of having to run separate scripts to regenerate a static gallery.

There are of course some drawbacks, mainly the fact that visitors to my page now gets transferred to another host to view my images. There will also be an inevitable difference in the general style of the photography page and this one which could cause some confusion. With third party hosting I have less control over the amount of tracking that my visitors is subjected to. On this site I only use the basic analytics from cloudflare, while I believe that smugmug adds some extra tracking as well. Another issue is the amount of javascript smugmug deems necessary to handle the hosting, which of course is caused by the general nature of there themes.

Hopefully this change will allow me to get better at sharing my pictures with the world.

UPDATE 2017-06-12

After writing this article I have been asked (by to bluemelon) look into there service. And even though there service is in some ways limited in comparison with smugmug they have compensated this with a more flexible price. This makes bluemelon interesting alternative especially if you are looking for a smaller initial solution without making major sacrifices in core functionality.