Moving to Squarespace

I do realise that most of my previous posts have been about hosting changes and to continue the tradition this post will discuss my recent move to SquareSpace.

This change is another step in my ongoing process of simplifying my online presence. SquareSpace will allow me to use one host for everything apart from source code. I will continue to use a combination of bitbucket and github as hosting solutions.

The move will replace my current solution which consist of a static blog hosted on s3 and a photography portfolio on smugmug. The benefits of this setup is it's adaptability and the level of control. However since I seldom use these benefits a simple managed solution will lower the threshold for posting.

Another major benefit with moving is having a web frontend for editing and publishing, something that further simplifies the process. I do believe that I could achieve similar results using a completely self hosted solution, however I personally don't feel that I have the time or the interest to build such a solution.

Once I had decided on moving to a managed solution I was somewhat spoiled for choice since there are a lot of alternatives. I ended up with Squarespace for a few reasons, mainly I found that the service included all the things I required. It's also a reputable hosting service with a lot of support from photographers and influencers that I follow.

So after a few days of testing the Squarespace platform I decided to make the move, this entailed a fairly limited amount of work. Mainly moving relevant old posts to this new system and deciding on good way to display my pictures.
There are two things I will miss with this move, a complete solution for syntax highlighting and a nice way to display my book reviews. I am however looking further into these things to try and find a solution for that.