Another year have past and its time to look back and reflect, take pleasure in achievements and look forward to a new year of possibilities. Globally and politically this have been a turbulent year, the Swedish elections ended up in a stalemate with no apparent solution, the US stance in foreign polices seems to have shifted and Brexit seems to be a fact. Luckily, I am in a position where the effects of this turbulence is less noticeable. So instead of lamenting the state of the world I can focus on what I can influence.

So, what about my actual 2018, it’s been a very quiet year in writing. Partly since it’s been a very active year everywhere else, I’ve managed to travel quite a lot more than the previous year and I have gotten back to work after spending a large part of 2017 on parental leave. Mainly this is a year where I have landed, I’ve found a home that I can come back to, I’ve gotten married and I have spent more nights than ever before sleeping in my tent.

Of course, there are things that I could have done differently but in general it’s been a good year where I have manged to enjoy work, get time with my family and engage in my hobbies.

Marrying the love of my life and mother of my child have been a very positive part of this year. However, as a learning point, I guess the lesson is learnt and now I just need to avoid repeating it.

So, what can I actually take with me into this new year, my trips to the Faroes and France brought home the importance of planning, especially when collaborating with other people in unknown locations. I’ve managed to slim down the amount of equipment I bring to almost every situation allowing me to be a lot more flexible when moving around. Sadly, I have kind of failed in the task of getting to know my surroundings something I’ve always have a hard time with. I’ve almost spent more time photography Norway after I moved back from Oslo than during the 3 years I lived in country. And despite living almost 4 years in the north of Sweden I’ve seen very little of the Swedish mountain ranges. So, it comes as no surprise that I still have a very limited knowledge of what beauty currently surrounds me in the forests surrounding my new hometown.

Another ambition that I have come up short on is in sharing more of my work, I almost never publicise or share in my already existing networks and this year hasn’t been any better. Luckily the coming year should provide ample opportunity to share.

To end on a high note, I would like to give some props to clondon and to all the participants of the print swap on r/photography (I will post a summary of all images I’ve been sent). It’s been wonderful to see other people’s work.

My 2018 have concluded thanks for everyone who participated.