52 Weeks: Week 2 Rule of Thirds

In a classic fashion I’ve almost managed to miss the second week of a 52-week challenge, hopefully I will get into a grove soon. But the challenge for the week was the rule of thirds which is a very useful compositional tool.

And even if my initial ambition was to do something a bit more than to “just” use the rule of thirds for a composition, my less the optimal planning made me have to settle with some flower photography at home. Luckily, I find that it’s in the otherwise slightly bland images that the rule of thirds has the biggest impact. Here it get’s the space to have a big impact on the appearance of an image without being overshadowed by other compositional trickery.

And like I did before I decided to spend some time looking through old pictures and see where I have decided to use the rule of thirds before. While doing this I realised that I use it seldom and when I do it’s mostly by cropping in post. I also saw quite a lot of images that might have been helped by a different subject placing. So, to help me with this I decided to enable the framing guidelines in my camera making it slightly easier to hit the rule of thirds for quick shots as well.

But for this weeks submission I went with the following