52weeks: W3 Hello from...!

This week the challenge is to portray my local surroundings, something that I’ve always felt is challenging. The issue I usually have is to look beyond what I see as my regular road to work and instead start noticing what makes it special. Historically I’ve spent a lot of time living very close to breathtakingly beautiful nature and still done almost all my photography while traveling.

Once we moved from Umeå to Oslo I started thinking about this, which helped so I do have quite a few images from around Oslo. However, I took almost all of them on the way back and forth to work or while on parental leave. So almost none of the images where taken with the intent to go out and photograph my surroundings. Since I left Oslo my habit of photography on the way to work have almost died out making me miss a lot of photo opportunities and again become relegated to dedicated photo trips, which I sadly do seldom.


For this week’s challenge I decided to focus on one of the things that makes our current hometown special. The town is centred around a smaller lake and have a long shore towards one of Sweden’s largest lakes. This makes the town very long and thin, but it also provides a centralised lake that offers a great view of the theatre as well as a nice walking route around the smaller lake. I’ve photographed this location a couple of times from different angles but for this challenge I decided to try a new spot which was well suited for a long exposure panorama displaying both the theatre and the contrast between the old factory area and the new building projects.