52Weeks: W4 Macro!

The challenge for the week is macro, something that I’ve never really done which of course means that I don’t really have anything in the way of equipment for it. However, I decided to soldier on and use the trick of reversed lenses to get closer focus. This does have some limitations though mainly the fact that I get an extremely narrow field of focus and since I am holding a lens manually no real way of getting a stable shooting platform.

This together with the very close focus I was left with led me to a bit more abstract imagery then I usually focus on. Given these limitations I started walking around the house trying to find subjects that I could bathe in enough light and capture something interesting.

Sadly, I do feel that this type of photography is dependent on either very stable hands or preferably very specialised gear. Which also led to me being less pleased with the results of my efforts which mainly focuses on very close crops of house plants.

I did however really enjoy the process which did spark an interest in close photography, I did find the attention to detail necessary for even decent results very motivational. This is also one of the reasons for challenges such as this one, it forces me out of my regular patterns and lets me try new ways of seeing the world around me.