52 Weeks: Week 1 Self Portrait

This is week one of the 52 frames challenge which I aim to complete during 2019. My main motivation for such a challenge is to improve the consistency of my intentional photography. And to that end I will also try and describe the process and thoughts behind my submissions during the year. This effort is made to force reflection on the process and help me analyse the results and hopefully improve with the extra effort.

As the title suggest this week’s project is a self-portrait, something that I’ve always had trouble defining. It seems that it can be anything from a regular portrait describing your outwards appearance to an abstract piece representing your innermost thoughts or anything in between. Both options provide ample space for introspection and scrutiny of how you represent yourself making it a very revealing type of art.

Looking back through my pictures I’m rarely in front of the camera and when I am its mostly together with someone else, which might be revealing. I can also see that once I started working with studio strobes the number of images where I am the lone subject skyrocketed which probably comes down to availability.

The reason for the lack of images of me is probably two-fold, partly it’s because I’ve ended up as the guy with the camera which of course leads to me spending a lot of time behind instead of in front of the camera. The other part is connected to a desired to avoid introspection, something that I’ve lately realised is an important part of improvement. This realisation was at least for me very connected with becoming a father and being suddenly realising that I had to help my son through life.

So, to try and expand on the simple self-portrait without being to abstract I decided to go with a simple portrait in a slightly unusual format. I decided on this simple approach as a good stepping stone towards improving my self-expression. And even though the concept is minimal I find that it becomes an honest representation of how I see myself.