52weeks: W6 Your desk!

The challenge for the week is to take a picture of my work area, which for me can be quite a few places but I decided to focus on my photography workspace. Which after close to a year with a very uncomfortable desk finally have become a good place to work. The intent with the picture is to illustrate the biggest changes that’s been made, mainly in getting an actual office desk instead of a small kitchen table. But also structuring the storage and display area creating a quite and calming workspace with a lot of opportunities.

I decided on a close display to focus on the changes instead of showing the entire area, the idea being to focus on the feeling instead of the specifics. During the week I have spent quite a lot of time thinking about workstations and realised that they really do matter. Especially in todays world of enforced open workspaces and activity-based offices. The idea of a personal workspace where you have total control have become a luxury for knowledge workers and modern artist. Luckily, I’ve manged to avoid the worst kind of desk sharing and keep a designated desk at work even if it’s placed in an open office area.