52weeks: W8 Uncommon!

The challenge for this week was very open to interpretation which hopefully will lead to some very interesting submissions. Personally, I did find it interesting to try and look at ordinary things in a new way, which lead to a week of examining the world around me again.

Highlighting what makes the ordinary special is in my mind one of the biggest powers of photography, it gives you the possibility focus on the specifics. It’s also allows you to freeze motion or display hidden patterns in flowing lights and all of this strips away the common in our surroundings.

So, for this week’s challenge I started by trying to locate things that stood out from the ordinary but soon realised that I didn’t find that search appealing. So Instead I begun experimenting with different angles and light conditions trying to find something that felt appealing while still being uncommon. Coming in at towards the end of this week I decided that I should focus and light and reflections. This together with the idea of looking at your surroundings from an uncommon direction made me decide on the subject for the week.