My house

At the moment I am trying to translate an image in my head into a photograph and since this process and the alternatives fascinate me I thought I would describe it here. 

I am trying to take a picture visualising the mood of an old hut placed near a local beach, however as I try to find the correct image I have come up with multiple alternatives which I feel convey some of the intent.  It is however very interesting to see that small changes in crop or weather makes the feeling of the image slightly different. This slight change does make it hard to pinpoint the exact feeling I am looking for which of course is part of the challenge.

I am still trying to find the right way to portray this view however looking at the results I am starting to lean towards a collection of images, the area lends itself to the imagination.

35 pictures from a year with a x100t

Roughly a year ago I sold my trusty k7 dslr and replaced it with a x100t with the intention of challenging myself to stick with one focal length for a year. 
With a year gone by and my replacement dslr arriving I thought I would sum up my experience with a few examples.

I will begin with my impressions from the x100t, which have served me exceptionally well during the last year. It is a small mirrorless "advanced" point and shoot with a fixed 23mm lens which due to the aps-c sensor makes it a 35mm equivalent. 
The camera is a joy to use and even though it's somewhat soft on large apertures it does render beautiful colours. The autofocus is a bit slower than dslr alternatives but it's still usable. The lack of speed does cause  some issues when photographing moving subjects.

The few minor niggles with the camera is more than made up for with it's simplicity, it's pocketable size and it's tactile interface. It's the first camera I've managed to bring with me on a daily basis allowing me to capture countless moments which I otherwise would have walked pass.   It's also been a perfect companion during the first year of my sons life although as he grows up he have started to outrun the autofocus causing some issues.

To summarise my experience with the x100t id say that it is an excellent all-round camera and a perfect way to capture family events and trips. Even though there are some small issues with it I will keep my x100t as a lightweight travel companion.

This finally brings me to the last year which have been captured in a much greater extent than I would have thought. Here are 35 examples in chronological order which hopefully will highlight the cameras versatility.