After spending a few years away from writing I have decided to start using this outlet again, hopefully as a way for me to reflect on my actions and reactions to events around me.

This writing is intended to circle around a few broad topics as I explore both this form of reflection and my surrounding hobbies and interests. The overarching goal is to practice putting my thoughts into writing and hopefully to become a bit more deliberate in my actions I am trying to see this whole project as an ongoing life retrospective.

One of the big things I would like to get back to is reflections surrounding the books I read, doing this provides me with a deeper read however I will try to limit this effort to the non-fiction books I read. Partly to limit the scope of the endeavor and since I feel that general book reviews of fiction usually provides little value, especially when you only see one persons perspective.

The other big area of focus will be to journal ongoing projects both to allow me a way to look back on the progress that have been made and hopefully to be able to provide some inspiration and eventually even spread some of the knowledge I accumulate through the work.

My intention is to document my current projects such as improving my daily routines, building instruments and practicing general woodworking as well as photography and hiking.

So this is in some ways a mission statement of what I aim to write about going forward.