Due to the HBO mini series this is a very well known book that follows the 101th airborne through the European champaign in the second world war. Sadly reading the book offered no greater insight than the miniseries did making reading the book seem somewhat unnecessary. I would even go so far as to recommend the tv-series over the book since it’s easier to follow the narrative there.

Disregarding the TV show the book itself is a well written albeit fairly dry account of the airborne’s time in Europe. It’s apparent that the author have gone through a lot of trouble to get first hand accounts. The events are described in a way that circumventing a lot of the large scale politics and instead focuses on the indicated individual soldiers. This makes for a very compelling narrative and explains the success of the TV adaptation.

I truly enjoy this kind of book where you get an insight into the people behind major historic events. This is especially interesting when the event in question is as major as a world war.

I think the book is interesting but I would recommend watching the series over reading the book.