This is another book that I have listened to instead of reading it. And like the last book The girl with the lower back tattoo it’s a biography read by the author, in this case Bruce Springsteen. This is a very well read book and even though the narrative makes it feel like it was written as an audio play I do believe that the story and the writing is interesting by itself. However since I never been a real Bruce Springsteen fan I felt that I should have taken the time to look up his discography before listening to the book. This caused me some confusion since my idea of the albums release order where way of causing me some time-line confusions.

Apart from this the book reads like poetry, it’s apparent that the author writes lyrics as a day job and I would not be surprised if the entire book was singable. Again my limited pre-knowledge of the author made for a few surprises, It’s a long book however since it’s well written and interesting it makes for a lot of entertainment.

The book is surprisingly personal and it really feels like your stepping into the mind and life of the author. This book gave me a bigger understanding of both Bruce Springsteen and the rock era he is a part of.