With my newfound time limitations I have been having major issues with getting myself to the gym. Combine this with the extra stresses that caring for a child seems to induce I was on the fast track to muscle pains. The book Never Gymless by Ross Enamati with it’s focus on bodyweight exercises seemed like a good starting point on the journey to becoming a pain free dad. The fact that the book was written when the author was getting ready to be in my position also seemed positive.

The book is blunt, efficient and sometimes a bit brutish. It’s very clearly written with a focus on combat athletes which does make some exercise hard to understand and perfect. Good examples of this is exercises that require the execution of boxing punches which for a novice can be hard to do correctly.

Even though some of the exercises is combat oriented the bulk of the material is relevant for anyone looking for basic bodyweight exercise and quick workouts that leave you without excuses. The workouts is tough but after 10-30 minutes you are left feeling like you’ve done a workout at least twice as long all without the need for the trip to the gym.

If you are to only buy one book about training I can’t recommend this one enough, it’s filled with exercise, workouts and general workout tips. Another benefit is the availability of the author who seems more than happy to answer any questions that might arise.

After doing the first 10 days of the books 50 day program I am starting to feel better and since each workout seems to present new challenges I am looking forward to the following 40 days.