This is the first book in a series of freestanding books centering around admiral Morgan a bullish but brilliant American naval officer. The story line, although marginally plausible is more than extravagant enough for it to at points become absurd. In general the book is plagued by an extreme pro-US bias robbing the story of any real challenges and making the eventual success seem inevitable.

Despite this the pacing of the story combined with the well written action scenes makes the book interesting. The character development is occasionally really rewarding but it is again hampered by a lack of setbacks.

The book is a fun and non-challenging take on a political triller that sadly belittles the interesting initial set-up by making the storyline one dimensional. And characters that given sufficient development could become great are left as interesting footnotes. However despite this the technical depth and the fast-paced action makes it a great book to escape the daily slog as long as you don’t expect a Clancy level story you will find it enjoyable.