This is a three part Swedish series about a war that never happened. it’s written as a collection of stories following multiple main actors along in the main story. This makes sometimes makes it hard to follow a specific character and remember past events that effect there behavior. the story takes place at the end of the cold war. The setting is a Scandinavia harassed by increasing tensions between the soviet block and national. This tension places a formally neutral Sweden in a precarious position.

The book is written by under pseudonym hiding a group of authors all whom had insight into both the Swedish defense at the time and the political situation of the area. The authors background knowledge allows them to create a plausible scenario depicting a soviet assault on Sweden in a bid to improve there positions on a global scale. However the authors close relationship with the story and the area does done through. Especially in there views of Swedish politics of the cold war Era.

Despite some minor shortcomings the story is interesting and raises some important issues. Especially for a small neutral country placed between two super powers with less than friendly relations.

The book is a good read and I would recommend it to anyone living in Scandinavia who have even a minor interest in how geopolitics could effect our region.