I’ve had a great deal of trouble deciding on what I think of this short classic by F.Scott Fitzgerald. The story is well written and makes an excellent job at describing the decadent intrigue without leaving the reader with empty characters and false promises.

However large parts of the story lacks any coherent plot and could almost be considered an extended prelude or footnote to the fast paced ending. This long prelude is rescued by the deceivingly catchy glamor and humor which shines through in the beautifully written dialogue and the colorful characters. At the very end of the story we get introduced to the grand moral of the story, which of course would be totally lost without the prelude.

We are finally left with a story about the importance of looking beyond worldly riches and glamor. It also manages to include a fair bit of etiquette with the intriguing notion that you should thread your guests as friends, without necessarily having considering them guests or actual friends.