This book is definitely one of the most interesting memoir’s I have ever read. Almost everything about it sparks my interests, it’s a story about glamor, bravery and war.

Even though the narrative can be somewhat narcissistic (even for a biography) the main story and the characters make it well worth the read.

The book tells the story of a young lady on a quest for adventure, the journey starts in Europe during the 20th’s and follows her adventures throughout the entire second world war. The story feels like a crossover between With the old breed and The great Gatsby, it’s a costume drama in war.

“Death knows when it is your turn, with or without your helmet.” 

I stumbled upon this book while trying to broaden my reading list, the aim was to read at least a few books written buy and about women and preferably not about war… I managed to tick at least one of the boxes and to be honest I can’t be happier, this is a must for anyone interested in Europe’s recent history.