Zen To Done describes a simplified version of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I am still having some issues getting to the end of GTD which makes it hard for me to comment on specific simplifications. But the fact that I managed to both read the book and start implementing some of the ideas well before finishing GTD does say something.

The system is created by Leo Babauta who runs the page zen habits, most if not all of the material in the book is available on the page. Sadly both the formating and editorial parts of the book is left somewhat lacking. This is frustrating since the information in the book seem very useful especially the parts about habit changes.

The book is concise and written as a straightforward guide with individual steps laid out and explained. Even though the idea is to add some structure to GTD I still feel like the Zen To Done system is a bit to disorganized.

Zen To Done does not feel like a perfect solution however the book introduces and explains a lot of effective tools in the quest for a more organized and effective life.