Automatic deployment of hugo site using rsync

Since this blog is hosted on a regular debian machine on digitalocean I am stuck with the task of deploying the site manualy on each update. To streamline this process I am using rsync and a small bash script to checkout the latest version of my theme, build the site and sync it to the server. It should be noted that I am using git submodules for the theme which is available at github.

   hugo, deployment

Task based concurrency in C#

I have recently switched over to a company that mainly works with C# and python. One of my first assignments have been to implement a minimal scheduler I have been trying to wrap my head around task based concurrency in C#. This was necessary since I decided upon a “worker – producer” setup with a producer that fetches “tasks” from a database, and a collection of workers that executes the tasks independently.

Jekyll and it's alternatives from a site generation point of view

As I have previously mentioned this site runs jekyll, which works with reasonable speed however my personal blog which contains a few more pictures creates a problem. The cause is mainly slow regeneration times, something that also affects this site. I believe that the main performance missuses stems from two main sources, mainly jekyll’s single threaded approach which does suffer on a laptop cpu like the one I use, another issue is with the image plugins used that offers nice features but also creates a performance loss.

   jekyll, Performance, Static site Generator, hugo

Installing and using the latest modernCV package in Ubuntu 13.04 and later

ModernCV is a package for latex with the purpose of typesetting a modern curriculum vitae. Sadly the latest version of this package is not available in the standard Ubuntu 13.04 texlive package. To use this package you have to install the package separately from the apt install. This installation does not disrupt the original install of texlive in ubuntu 13.04. To install basic texlive and unzip in ubuntu use the following command from a terminal: sudo apt-get install texlive-common unzip texlive-binaries texlive-latex-recomended texlive-latex-extra Example Output