The Passing of Time

A few weeks ago my great grandmother passed away and even though we always lived far apart she have been a constant throughout my life. Her calm and genuine interest in the family and our lives shone through especially as she became older and spent most of the family gatherings sitting content and smiling gently watching the bustling of 5 generations scrambling for dinner. It brings me a great joy to know that she got to meet my son and even though I morn her loss I take comfort in the fullness of her life and the fact that she spent most of it surrounded by loved ones and a great family.

Landscape photography Gear for the Faroe Islands

As I am left with some extra frequent flyer miles from a previous line of work, I decided to end my summer holidays with a last-minute landscape photography trip to the Faroe Islands. This had been a goal of mine for a while and the prospect of escaping the summer heatwave was very enticing. The trip focused on photography so most of my luggage was occupied by camera gear, the rest was filled with camping gear.

2018 a look back

Another year have past and its time to look back and reflect, take pleasure in achievements and look forward to a new year of possibilities. Globally and politically this have been a turbulent year, the Swedish elections ended up in a stalemate with no apparent solution, the US stance in foreign polices seems to have shifted and Brexit seems to be a fact. Luckily, I am in a position where the effects of this turbulence is less noticeable.