A new year, 2017 this time

I thought I might start this year of with a small yearly review as well as a quick look into the future. It is my hope that this will be a good way to start the year and provide me with a basic road map looking forward. This year will, like the last will be filled with major life changes and hopefully this high level plan will help steer me towards my goals.

A look in the mirror

It feels like there is only one really big thing that’s happened to me, late last spring I became a father. I got a beautiful son who have managed to occupy almost all of my thoughts during the rest of the year.

However I have been able to squeeze in a few other things between being unnecessarily impressed by the smallest achievement of our youngest family member.

During the year I have managed to complete two courses on software development in general, theses course have focused on outsourcing and the development of safety critical software. These courses market a change in focus on my part, I have started to be interested in software management and development from a broader perspective. Hopefully the coming year will allow me to further explore this area.

I have also switched from a dslr setup to using single x100t for all my photography, this together with a readily available subject resulted in a massive increase of photographs taken. During past years I have struggled with maintaining a hobby outside of work, which makes my increased interest and activity with the camera very promising. Hopefully the coming year will allow me to combine my love for hiking with photography.

The new year

Last year I realized fairly quickly that being a father is a lot more time consuming than I had hoped. Or to be more specific It’s a lot more mentally demanding leading to me having issues being productive in the few hours of “free” time I get every day. This lead to me being forced to re-evaluate a lot of my carefully laid plans for last year.

This year I have lowered my targets a bit and will try to work on focusing on a single thing at any given time. My hope is that this will help me utilize my free time in a way that feels productive and meaningful (not that I don’t like watching re-runs of top gear…).

I have set my self two targets regarding reading this year, one is to read 40 books I will track my progress on Goodreads, the other is to write something about every book I read this year. Luckily reading is an activity that I can squeeze in a few times a day when my son is sleeping. The additional challenge of writing about each book might prove harder but I believe that it helps me to a better understanding of the materials I read, If you would like to read my thoughts about the books the will be available in my bookshelf

Another activity that I can work into the my daily life is photography, since I do daily stroller walks with my son I have an hour or two where I get take some pictures. I have therefore decided to try my hands at Doogwood 2017 which is a weekly photography challenge. Hopefully this will provide me with some entertainment and inspiration while improving my skills. I will post all my entries on instagram. Apart from this I will try to print a few images this year, since I believe that will help motivate me further in my photography while also providing some nice wall decorations.

Another important part of my life that I would like to challenge myself in is exercise. This provides me with somewhat of a challenge since my newfound parenthood adds a few timing constraints. Due to these new challenges I have decided to set a fairly low bar for this year, my target is simply to maintain an exercise routine. Initially this routine will consist of daily one to three hour walks pushing a stroller. This will be complemented by the same amount of push-ups as the current hour each waking hour. The target is to add exercises to this routine as soon as I’ve managed to make it a habit.

Professionally I will spend most of this year on parental leave, however my goal is to squeeze in some learning during that time. Apart from finishing a few books that I have been meaning to read my goal for this year is to build something in a functional language. For this goal I have selected a language that I have had my sights on for awhile namely haskell. It feels like a clean language and even though I have my doubts about how useful it might be in a wider context it seems like a nice entry point in to functional programming. During this year I will try to build a simplistic forecast model for exchange rates in haskell. My main reason for choosing this as a project is that I know where to fetch the necessary data and I do believe that this type of modeling suits the language.