New design (less js)

If you’ve passed through this site before you might notice that the page design have gone through a major redesign. Id like to take a minute to explain the reasoning behind this change, the main reasoning of course is the fact that I like to tinker with this page but apart from this there is a few technical reasons for the switch.


This is the big issue for me, my previous theme hugo-uno is reasonably light on javascript dependencies, but the full blown version does still depend on jquery and most of the visuals depend on javascript to function optimally. All this would not be problem if the site did something that actually required complex user interactions, but as it stands this site is dedicated to displaying watever I decide to write about which should be able to accomplish without both javascript and jquery.

I will of course continue to use javascript for the posts where its beneficial, like the graphs in previous posts


In keeping with the issues I have with javascript, spending precious bandwidth to display a picture of the opera house in Oslo before allowing the user to get to my text based content seems a bit excessive.


Of course nothing is flawless and this change will create some issues, the main one is the incorporation of my CV-page which will have to be a standalone page until I’ve found out a good way to add basic navigation in this minimal theme.

Another drawback with this change is the amount of manual work necessary to modify the base theme hugo-blueberry-detox who in turn is a hugo adaptation of the detox ghost theme.

The underlying structure of the theme has been rewrite to remove dependencies on jquery as well as external resources like fonts. The site styles have been modified to minimized the amount of unused selectors, this is done in an effort to keep the css size to an absolute minimum.

The main reason for all of the changes boils down to the fact that this page basically only displays text and therefore it should stick to doing only that.